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We are happy to welcome you to our new website. In addition to listening to songs we will let you download 24 bit 4800 Hz wav files of our New album NeonJazz ConFusion from january 6. Stay tuned for updates and availability.

NeonJazz – Seven Days in August

With Seven Days in August (released 2016), Svend Undseth takes us back to the musical landscape of his first solo album, Grenseland.

Large soundscapes colour the melancholy found in the melody lines.

The voice of Tracee Meyn and her interpretation of the lyrics by Dag Furuholmen comes out in the most breathtaking way.

Delicate complex rhythms and exciting improvisations on Alto Flute and Bass Clarinet also characterise the album.

Tracee has sung with various groups, sung for film and television in the U.S., toured with a blues group, as well as singing with Steve Vai, Kenny Loggins, Paul Anka and Norman Brown.

He has brought with him some of our most talented improvisers, who have a warm love of this music, and given them free rein.

Sven Kalmar – Drums, Anthony Herbin – Guitar, Frode Holm – Piano, Harald Salater – Bass and Guitar solo by Børge Olsen.

It feels wrong to draw direct comparisons with other groups or composers, but in any case there are few who have explored the form in the same way as found here. We hope this album will bring pleasure, tears and a touch of nostalgia to its listeners.