Remastered version of the album Windshave

In 1989 Svend Undseth released a collection of music used in different multimedia shows under the name “Windshave”. After numerous requests, we are proud to announce a remastered digital version on this site.


Cover Painting – Leif Egil Reitan
Design, Photography By – Tantan Virksomheter
Grand Piano – Terje Sakkestad (tracks: A1, A5, B6)
Produced, Arranged by – Fossum/ Undseth

Contributing musicians

Svend Undseth: Saxophones, Flute, Guitar, Synthesizer,
Hans Christian Fossum: Synthesizer [Emu II, Oberheim Matrix, PPG]
Songs co-written by – Lohne* (tracks: A2),
Fossum* (tracks: A4, B2, B5, B7),
Austdahl* (tracks: B4),
Undseth* (tracks: A1 to A4, B1 to B6),
Sakkestad* (tracks: B6)

To listen to a selection of tracks go here.