The Cage will be released oct.11th

The Cage is a collection of music written by Svend Undseth based on poems by Dag Furuholmen. Release oct. 11th 2019

Dedicated to all the lost boys in the world.

Said about The Cage

Svend Undseth: “when I decided to finish the work with this album two years ago, I soon understood this would be something special. The making of the first album, Seven Days in August, was looser and more improvised, but on this album, there were no way to compromise. Singing on all the tracks in the beginning I realised I was in need for help. The vocalists appearing on the record are: Ivar Eidem (The Cut, Diamond Dogs, Matchstick Sun), Atef Sedkaoui (Winner of The Voice France 2011), Marius Holth (Storm und Drang, Soloartist), Liv Evjan (Misc bands in the eighties)”.

Dag Furuholmen: “These songs were originally published in the poetry collection ”Soulwork in the Woods. Signposts from a hero’s journey.” The title in a literal sense stems from the fact that these poems originally started their flow in the woods and mountains of the Colorado National park”.

A taste from The Cage

Mountain View with Liv Evjan vocal, Alf Emil Eik bass, Sven Kalmar Drums and Svend Undseth anything else