neonjazz-confusion cover

Neon Jazz ConFusion

The other albums in The NeonJazz project requires a large orchestra to play Live, Svend Undseth decided to compose this album for a five piece band. On ConFusion there are less brass parts and fewer keyboard layers.

Since the music has more simple arrangements, we discovered a new freedom of improvising. We hope you like our idea, and look forward to see you from the stage.

Contributing Artists

Svend Undseth: Saxophones, flute, guitar, bass and keyboards
Børge Olsen: Guitars
Sven Kalmar: Drums
Reidar Paasche: Mini Moog, Keyboards
Kristen Svendsen: Upright Bass
Harald Salater: Five string Bass
Frode Holm, Kjell Folkedal: Additional Keyboards

Release 6th January 2017

  • Release Date : 2017 (Release)

  • Producer : Gendat

  • Label : PV Records

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