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Neon Jazz Continuous

This Norwegian jazz/rock CD with funky elements, let the good times of the seventies return in a new shape. Together with his band and a whole bunch of guest, he has created a fusion album with roots in the original jazz-rock canon.

We just say: Enjoy!

Contrubuting Artists

Svend Undseth: Saxophones, flute, guitar, bass and keyboards
Børge Olsen: Guitars
Sven Kalmar: Drums
Tracee Meyn: Vocals on track 3
Kristen Svendsen: Upright Bass
Harald Salater: Five string Bass
Øivind Madsen: Bass
Bjørn Rune Ek: Bass
Bugge Wesseltoft, Frode Holm, Kjell Folkedal: Additional Keyboards
Erik Wesseltoft, Michael Landin, Daffi: Guitar
Arne Kollandsrud: Trumpets and Flugelhorn
Hege Heisholt: Trombone and Horns

  • Release Date : 2011

  • Producer : Svend Undseth

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