Windshave – remastered

In 1989 Svend Undseth released a collection of music used in different multimedia shows under the name “Windshave”. These have been completely  remastered.


Cover Painting – Leif Egil Reitan
Design, Photography By – Tantan Virksomheter
Grand Piano – Terje Sakkestad (tracks: A1, A5, B6)
Produced, Arranged by – Fossum/ Undseth

Contributing musicians

Svend Undseth: Saxophones, Flute, Guitar, Synthesizer,
Hans Christian Fossum: Synthesizer [Emu II, Oberheim Matrix, PPG]
Songs co-written by – Lohne* (tracks: A2),
Fossum* (tracks: A4, B2, B5, B7),
Austdahl* (tracks: B4),
Undseth* (tracks: A1 to A4, B1 to B6),
Sakkestad* (tracks: B6)


A1 By Dawn 3:00 (A tune originally written for the jazz-rock group Vanessa)
A2 Aquilla Aquela Vocals – Berit Lohne 5:28 (From a ballet photomontage by Lavasir Nordrum)
A3 Is That Called Love Vocals – Kari Austdahl 4:34 (From the live performance Is That Called Love)
A4 ??? (From eternity)
A5 Snow Flakes 2:57 (Theme from Ivo Caprino supervideograph at Nordkapp)
B1 It’s Paint Babe 3:31 (Music from a makeup instruction film by the fashion magasin Tique)
B2 Arrival 4:39 (From the multimediashow Ultra Environments)
B3 Ultra Environments Bass – Øyvind Madsen Vocals – Gudny Aspaas 3:10 ( From the multimediashow Ultra Environments)
B4 Bored Vocals – Kari Austdahl 3:43 (From the live performance Is That Called Love)
B5 Montana 2:32 (Theme from Ivo Caprino supervideograph at Hunderfossen)
B6 Flukt 1:28 (A meeting with Terje Sakkestad)
B7 Postludum 1:13 (Just that)

  • Release Date : Jan 28 2018

  • Producer : Svend Undseth

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