Sven Kalmar

Sven Kalmar started his musical education playing the piano. At age 14 he switched to drums and became a part of the progressive music scene in Oslo. He’s been playing with bands such as Holy Toy, The Beste, Helge Gaarder, Kjøtt, Nekropolis and The Hat

Early on he earned a reputation for being one of the more creative rock drummers in Norway. He later joined more jazzy groups like Ping Pop, Kraft Ensembelet, Bendik Hofseth, Rolf Wallin, Jon Klette to mention but a few. Lately he has been working with Papptiger (Dag Stokke and Morten Johannesen) Ung Pike Forsvunnet, Atle Gundersen and Svend Undseth.

As a front man he has recorded two albums: Sven Kalmar” 1990 og “Spaceship” 1994