Svend Undseth

Svend Undseth has been part of the jazz-rock scene since its infancy. At the age of 14, the classical flute was changed into a saxophone to get through in the local garage band. The progressive rock scene in England was also a great inspiration, and groups like Soft Machine and Henry Cow contributed to a more advanced sax technique.

Later he acted as support for Elton Dean. Hugh Hopper, Keith Tippet and Joe Gallivan on their Scandinavian tour. Svend played one of Eltons solos from ”Soft Machine Third” backstage to Eltons great surprise.

After some years listening to British progrock, Miles Davies released the double album Bitches Brew. This album totally changed his focus and led to a totally new musical understanding. He later explored similar artists like Herbie Hancock and Weather Report and loved it.